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HCNE Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine

This book, with chapters written by the board and members of the Headache Cooperative of the Northeast, can be ordered on Oxford University Press’s website, Neurology section. Two reviews are excerpted below, followed by an outline of the book’s contents.

Excerpt from Book Review in Archives of Neurology, May, 2009:

“Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine does a good job of providing accurate discussion of headaches and their management. Information regarding different aspects of this clinical discipline has been collected, sifted, and presented in a simple description divided into 5 major parts. The book’s contents are organized in accordance with the United Council for Neurologic Subspecialties curriculum. The organization and multiple-choice questions at the end of each chapter serve well anyone who is studying for headache specialty board tests. This is also suitable as a reference book for clinicians of other specialties who treat headaches in their practices. The easy readability of the book only enhances its appeal.”

“Overall, this book is highly recommended as an addition to the library of anyone who researches or treats headache on a regular basis. Its breadth of coverage will make it a useful tool for general practitioners and headache specialists alike.” (Prose: 4/4 stars; Illustrations: 3/4 stars; Science: 4/4 stars; Usefulness: 4/4 stars)

Excerpt from Book Review in the New England Journal of Medicine, October, 2008:

“Headache, one of the most common disorders, is a considerable burden to the individual and to society. The book is easy to read and covers all the main topics in headache medicine….This book was initiated by the Headache Cooperative of the Northeast, originally as a study resource for certification in the subspecialty of headache medicine, but it deserves a wider circle of readers. It compares favorably with most books on headache that have become available in recent years.”

Book Description

The book is divided into sections similar to those outlined by the UCNS in their curriculum for Headache Medicine (HM) training as well as the summary of topics covered in HM Board examinations. Part I deals with the anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology and epidemiology of the headache disorders. Part 2 covers classification and diagnosis in the primary headaches. Part 3 discusses diagnosis of non-primary headaches. Part 4 deals with treatment of primary headache types, and Part 5 contains information about treating special populations and treatments that are advanced or specialized. The HCNE Comprehensive Review of Headache Medicine contains chapters written by diplomates of the UCNS Headache Medicine Board, and is ideal for any clinicians interested in furthering their knowledge of Headache Medicine.